Welcome to Mailbox 1

Mailbox 1 is an independently owned and operated Mailbox Rental and Shipping center in Encino. We offer convenient, time and money saving postal services and a friendly staff to assist small businesses, home-office professionals, corporate travelers, and consumers.

At Mailbox 1 we also offer services that make us not only a mailbox facility but a business center. Think of us as the convenient, low-cost answer to your office needs.

IT’S SMART! Rent our private mailbox with a physical address in Encino on Ventura Blvd. Use that address on all your Business documents and continue to run your business from home.
Our most popular services are:
  • Mailbox rental with a physical address
  • Notary service
  • Receiving, packing, shipping, & forwarding mail with FedEx, USPS, DHL, & UPS.
  • Selling moving & shipping supplies
  • Gift Wrapping

Security benefits of
renting a mailbox

Renting a mailbox is the best way to protect your identity & privacy

Mail theft is a major source for identity thieves to obtain and exploit personal information about individuals and businesses in order to impersonate them. Thus, protecting your mail is essential to preventing identity theft.

It used to be safe to leave your mail in the mailbox all day. But then, it also used to be safe to leave your doors unlocked all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world anymore…

Benefits of having a mailbox

It's Convenient

 Use your address on all your documents allowing you to run your personal and business affairs from home. 

Save Money

Having a mailbox with a physical address in Encino will allow you not to pay rent for office or retail space.

No Hassles

Your business will never have to change its Ventura Blvd. address – it always stays the same as long as you have your mailbox.

It's just a great idea

It’s smart, impressive, economical, convenient, and secure.